Hand-painted Windbreak Range

Hand-painted Windbreak Range

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Dyed with a soft base colour, these windbreaks are then hand painted to give an extra special uniqueness with their natural themed artwork. 

Our painted flower windbreaks are particularly popular.

Every windbreak is unique and made to order so you''ll never have exactly the same as anyone else on the beach! No more trying to spot your beach camp amongst the other cheap and boring plastic windbreaks dotting the sand. 

Made from 100% canvas. Measured, dyed and sewn in our workshop in Cadgwith in deepest Cornwall.

Every standard size windbreak is 1 meter high and three meters long.
You can also upsize to 5 meters or even 10 meters long.

The 5 poles per standard windbreak are 140cm high and have a diameter of 28mm to give you plenty of room to get a good sturdy base against the wind by hammering down into the sand. 
The poles are made from eucalyptus and are hand pointed in our workshop.

Handmade in Cornwall to bring art to the beaches, keeping the plastic and wind at bay.