Phenomenal Woman Art on the beaches for Your Voice Cornwall.

We're trying something awesome. Stick In the Sand is joining forces with some incredible and talented Cornish Female Artists to raise funds for Your Voice, Cornwall.

Keep an eye out for some super special windbreaks as we'll be auctioning off these unique artworks to send some love and support for Your Voice.
The full list of Artists involved and showcasing their talents will be available soon.

These are one of a kind pieces for a very worthy cause. Read about Your Voice below:

Your Voice, Cornwall - an organisation that supports women’s Mental Health, across Cornwall - launched in June ‘19.


Your Voice was launched because there is a recognised there is a huge gap between women affected by poor Mental Health, and the services available to support them here in Cornwall. 


  • Mental health among adults aged between 15 and 69 years ranks the highest burden of disease when compared to other conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • Sixteen GP practices across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have a higher mental health prevalence rate than across England (0.9%)
  • Cornwall has one of the hugest suicide rates, across England, at 15%.
  • Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have more emergency hospital admissions for intentional self-harm (244 per 100,000 persons) when compared to England  averages (186 per 100,000 persons.) People who self-harm are 100 times more likely to die by suicide than people who don’t self-harm.


These are stark statistics and illustrate the need for additional services and resources across Cornwall. 


We don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by poor Mental Health; either suffering themselves or supporting a loved one. 


We are determined to make changes in the way that people are supported and am passionate about pushing forward with my organisation. We are exclusively for women (18+) as there is a fantastic organisation that supports men, across Cornwall. 


One of the services we offer is peer support groups for women. We currently have 8 locations with more in the wings. We hope to have at least 12 locations by the end of June. 

We are very privileged to have been approached by the Royal Cornwall Hospital, to provide a group exclusively for the female NHS staff of the hospital. We now run these every fortnight. There is a recognised increase in staff members affected by PTSD, anxiety and depression following the pandemic. And we are thrilled we can support those affected. 


The support groups enable women to meet up, in various locations around Cornwall, and enjoy time with other women who are experiencing Mental Health issues. The groups offer a very informal, relaxed and confidential environment, with refreshments provided and an opportunity to discuss the individuals issues as well as listen. Nobody is obliged to talk. Many members prefer to just listen at first. The group is hosted by a facilitator who may or may not have formal Mental Health experience/qualifications. They are there to mediate the session and offer personal support - not offer a counselling service or offer any medical/professional advice. 


Our groups regularly feed back that the group is a huge support to their Mental Health, and it’s vital that we reach more women across Cornwall.


 We receive approx 5-10 messages/comments a week asking us if we are going to be holding new locations as there are women all over Cornwall who are desperate to attend. The groups are held in coffee shops & community spaces and we cover all costs. We have Social Prescribers across Cornish surgeries that refer to us.


The groups are a vital resource and we have a great team of voluntary facilitators who hold the groups, but there are high costs associated with the running of them, including venue hire, refreshment costs and expenses for facilitators. 


We are a small organisation, with very limited funds available in our pot. We currently have enough to continue to offer the groups for less than a year. Therefore, we are desperate to establish an initiative that would allow us to be self-sufficient:


This is a shop that would sell donated goods. I have 8yrs experience in Charity Retail Management and am confident we could make a retail outlet a huge success. 


The shop will the space to have a sales area, sorting and storage area, and facilities for staff. As well as being a source of income it will provide a face for the organisation and be the first point of contact for many. It will also provide job opportunities for the community. 


Rents in Cornwall are extremely expensive, and this leads to so many empty premises. This has a knock on effect on local communities. We would love to be able to fill some of these empty premises whilst having a regular income for our services. 


We also hope to offer social events to encourage wellbeing and social skills. These include sea-swimming sessions with an established, local group. Also, Zumba groups, creative workshops, and other social events; all which need funding.


Our ultimate aim has always been to establish a Wellness Centre. It would be the first of its kind in Cornwall, and would offer vital service and resources, all under one roof and accessible to both men and women. 


The centre would offer various resources: 


  • Gym/Fitness sessions, either part subsidised OR fully funded to facilitate the benefits of physical health for mental health. We have a instructors/health professionals who would like to be involved, already.


  • Workshops - The workshops would range from different offerings such as learning new skills for life, to learning new skills to enhance job prospects.           They would offer a relaxed environment where people who may suffer with anxiety, agoraphobia etc, could meet up and socialise whilst learning.                                            There would also be workshops to improve well being and confidence. Again, I have people who are waiting to offer their services including a chap who has an established ‘music therapy’ business, crafters and therapists. 


  • Counselling - one of the main problems, affecting those who have Mental Health issues in Cornwall, is the long waiting lists for counselling services. Our goal is to be able to offer sessions that are based on either GP, or self referrals. Whilst we recognise that counselling isn’t for everyone; it is vital for some. The waiting list on Cornwall are risking lives! We have counsellors who are willing to work with us. 


  • Support sessions - Very much like what we are doing now. But we could make them more specific to the different Mental Health illnesses. 


  • Educational services. Education & raising awareness is the key to improving Mental Health. Our centre would facilitate talks/meetings/sessions that educate people about Mental Health - including different illnesses, how you can support someone affected, where to get help, etc. 


  • A cafe - a relaxed space to chill out and escape, or come and chat with staff. This could help combat loneliness and isolation.


The importance of the centre is to recognise various factors that we would cover, including: 

Lifestyle – Help people to make healthier life choices, self-manage their health and wellbeing and maximise their independence, with our gym and nutrition facilities. 


Connections – Encourage social connections, build community resilience and reduce loneliness. All of these have a place in the Mental Health of individuals. 


We were recently offered a premise for a small centre, based on Helston, at the cost of £800 p/m. The space would enable us to offer  gym/fitness sessions plus two rooms to offer group spaces, works shops & much more. 

Unfortunately without a regular income we had to decline the offer. This is why we desperately need a source of income, & funding. 


With Mental Health issues on the rise, and the impact of Covid-19 being astronomical to so many, it’s imperative that we take action. 


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