Books books and books - carry them all with you on the Kindle

I love to read, and I read fast. Burning through stories at such a pace can cost a fortune in purchasing fees. It's also physically demanding cramming my multiple books in to my bags ready for beach time reading. And holidays! I can't fit my current 'to read' list into my suitcase so I inevitably run-out of things to read half way through my holiday. 

But not anymore - my kindle holds ALL my books and fits inside the back pocket of my jeans if I want it to (Yes, I do have bigger pockets on my mum jeans but not by much). It'll tuck into my handbag no problem so I always have my books to read. I can even whip it out while I waiting in the car when I'm on pick-up duty for the kids.

Check out this one! The new 2022 version is waterproof!!! I'm saving up for this one for sure


The nice thing about Kindle unlimited is that I can borrow books to read, as many as I like for one monthly fee. It saves me so much money and I read some fantastic books - ones that I might not normally go for if I was buying them individually at full market price. I've discovered genres and authors that I've fallen in love with and added so much more wealth to my mental library. 

If you're wondering what to get someone for Christmas or their birthday then a Kindle is blooming good idea. It seriously will be the gift that keeps on giving.